Apr 28 2012

Shri K.V.Hanumantha Rao’s contribution to Folk Music and Arts of India!

A small photo stream with Shri K.V.Hanumantha Rao (my dad’s) work in the area of Folk Music and Folk Arts of India for over 3 decades.

Nov 13 2009

Hii to Andhra Folk Arts Enthusiasts!!

Hi to all the enthusiasts of Folk Arts! This is an endeavor to educate and help appreciate our folk arts, our rich culture, our native life styles and rituals..a lot of which  is being lost.

My father, Late Shri Kaveri Veera Hanumantha Rao was a well known researcher of folk and tribal dance and arts forms  especially from Andhra Pradesh and this is an endeavor to help people appreciate his works and bring it into the e-world..

I am starting this as a blog post and down the line, the objective is to develop it into a full blown website with information on the various tribes in and around Andhra Pradesh, their lifestyles, rituals, folk dance forms in AP, Art forms and associated things..

Wish me luck!..